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Discover The Best Strategies To Gain UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM and Discover The Best Strategies To Gain UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM and DOMINATE YOUR GEO in the most important quarter of 2021 while your competitor’s get complacent in the most important quarter of 2021 while your competitor’s get complacent


With The Best Lineup of Speakers We’ve Ever Had, Including:
Jim Kwik, Morris Bart, Ross Cellino, John Ruhlin, Harlan Schillinger, Michael Mogill & Maddy Martin

Here’s What You’ll Unlock When You Get Your Ticket:

Join An Exclusive Q&A On How To Craft Unforgettable Ads For Your Practice From The Legal T.V. Ads Master Himself

Discover The Brain Training Strategies To Permanently Prevent Mental Burnout, Learn Faster Than Ever & Remember EVERYTHING You Read

Learn The #1 Most Important Investment You Can Make As The Leader Of Your Firm (It's Not What You Think...)

Get Front-Row Seats For A Once-In-A-Lifetime Leadership Interview With The Founder Of Two Of The Biggest P.I. Firms In New York

Be A Part Of The [2.0] Launch Of The Most Comprehensive Marketing Strategy In The Legal Industry

Get Exclusive Insights Into The Most Powerful Client Experience Process That Will TRIPLE The Number of Referrals You Receive For Your Firm

Learn The Secrets Of How To Master Publicity & Get $1MM In Free Press For Your Firm

And More!

Thousands of Lawyers Have Registered For Our Summits Because They Provide Real, Step-by-Step Strategies To Dramatically Improve Your Practice.
Only Complacent Law Firm Owners Won’t Show Up. Are You Complacent?
Here’s The 4th Quarter Growth Summit Starting Lineup:
Here’s A Preview Of The 1st Half Speakers…

Kick Off The Summit With Legal TV Ads Master Morris Bart!

A Preview of What Morris Bart Will Teach You:

Join An Exclusive Q&A On How To Craft Unforgettable Ads For Your Practice From The Legal T.V. Ads Master Himself

The critical skills required to build & manage a team of 100+ attorneys

The leadership principles that he ALWAYS follows to retain his top talent

Learn the $25MM/Year Marketing Strategy Of The Biggest P.I. Firm In The Southeast
That’s right, the Master of T.V. Ads and owner of the largest P.I. firm in the Southeast Morris Bart kicks off our Summit in style.
One of the very first lawyer advertisers on the planet, Morris has completely dominated his geo with his marketing strategy that he’s been doing non-stop…
Since 1980. Yup, you read that right. That’s over 41 YEARS of TV marketing. One of the most amazing parts?
He creates his marketing strategies completely in-house.
He’ll be sharing his best strategies on how to create your own video marketing ideas so that you capture the attention of your leads. He’ll also be sharing his best leadership strategies on how he built 15 offices in multiple states. This is a can’t-miss interview.
You’ll Also Be Learning…

How To 3X Your Firm’s Referral Profits With Giftology CEO John Ruhlin!

A Preview of What John Ruhlin Will Teach You:

How to master reciprocity with your clients without breaking the bank

The elegant method of gaining auto-referrals from your clients

How to tap into one of your firm's most-underappreciated sales assets

Make Your Marketing Efforts Easier Than Ever With The Power of Inspirational & Thoughtful Gifts
How much in case fees does one client generate for your firm? Write down that number.
Now take that number and multiply by it by the TOTAL number of Clients you’ve served at your firm. 
That’s how much profit you’re potentially leaving on the table by not having a robust referral system. So we’re bringing in the best-of-the-best to show you how.
John Ruhlin is the master of ethical gift-giving with his award-winning Giftology strategy. He’s spent years researching how to do this effectively and has it down to a literal science. 
Radical generosity can be one of the most powerful arsenals in your marketing strategy… but John will show you how to avoid the WRONG WAY to do it so it doesn’t backfire and ruin your reputation.
That’s Not All. You’ll Also Discover…

The X-Factor Behind The Most Profitable Law Firms w/ Michael Mogill!

A Preview of What Michael Mogill Will Teach You:

The #1 antidote to complacency and staying stuck in a losing spot

How to transform your workforce into a results-driven and high-performing team

The single most rewarding investment that you can make as a leader

Learn How To Achieve The Most Transformational Goals To Improve Your Practice
Michael Mogill is the Founder & CEO of Crisp Video Group & the author of the Amazon Best-Seller, “The Game Changing Attorney”. 
He’s helped thousands of attorneys — from solo and small firms to large practices — differentiate themselves from competitors and earn millions in new revenue. The cool thing?
From working with all of these attorneys, he’s distilled down the core principles of how the most successful law firms run their business… and you’ll get exclusive access to his wisdom at this Summit.
You’ll also learn the decision-making processes practiced by 8-figure law firm owners that put their competition out of business and a step-by-step process on how you can think the same way.)
You’ll Also Be Learning…

How to Get $1MM In FREE Press For Your Practice w/ Mark O’Mara!

Interviewed By...

Learn How to Become a Communications Master & Get FREE Media Marketing

What would be the impact if your firm had instant name recognition in your geo? 

Your marketing ROI would skyrocket and your firm’s email and phone wouldn’t stop ringing.
That’s exactly what Mark’s going to show you how to do.
Mark O’Mara is a legal analyst for CNN & the well-known and widely respected criminal defense attorney for the highly-publicized George Zimmerman case. 
In this special interview with legal marketing godfather Harlan Schillinger, Mark will show you exactly what it takes to deftly handle media attention and COMMAND a courtroom…
…and it ALL comes down to communication skills that you’ll learn only during this Summit.
Then You’ll Wrap Up The 1st Half With…
Getting The 4th Quarter Law Firm Execution Playbook w/ Bill Hauser!

A Preview of What Bill Hauser Will Show You:

Which systems MUST be created in order to get true operational freedom

​How to effectively run meetings (never have a wasted meeting again)

Why accountability is the ONLY way that true, sustained growth happens in a firm

Execute EVERY Quarter For Your Firm As Thought It Were The 4th Quarter Of The Superbowl

Super Bowl winning teams ALL give their best energy, tightest execution, and relentless effort to the 4th quarter of the game.

Now imagine if YOUR team executed at the same energy and drive for every single quarter of the year.
That’s exactly what Bill Hauser will be showing you.
You’ll be getting the complete breakdown on the law firm playbook that consistently creates MASSIVE growth in a short period of time…
…Without losing control of your firm and getting overwhelmed with stress.
This is the exact formula that’s being used by law firm owners to win the coveted Elite 2X Growth Award, and he’s revealing exactly how to do it.
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Here’s The 2nd Half Speakers Lineup…
Introducing The World’s #1 Memory & Speed Learning Expert Jim Kwik!

A Preview of What Jim Kwik Will Teach You:

What the 4 supervillains of effective learning are & and how to beat them

How to permanently delete limiting beliefs & negative experiences

A simple method for learning ANYTHING fast (even 100 names onstage!)

Discover How To Accomplish More & Unlock A Limitless Life
How would it feel to be able to get back 2 hours EACH day of productive work? 

Jim Kwik is the #1 world expert in accelerated learning, memory improvement, and brain performance and he’ll be showing you EXACTLY how to prevent mental burnout.

A regular consultant to Fortune 500 companies and countries across the world, Jim’s training and strategy shows people how to permanently improve their brain’s performance in condensed timeframes. 
He’ll be bringing you the best mental strategies so that you leap ahead of your competition while they’re getting complacent.
If you’ve ever wondered about how to keep your brain active to stay ahead of age-related mental health concerns, then you CAN’T miss Jim’s keynote.
That’s Not All. You’ll Also Be Getting Access To…
A Never-Before-Seen Interview On Leadership Principles w/ Ross Cellino!

Interviewed By...

Get Proven Leadership & Growth Strategies From The Founder of 2 Of The Biggest P.I. Firms in NY
From the highly publicized and dramatic dissolution of Cellino & Barnes (one of the biggest P.I. firms when it existed)…
To building ANOTHER one of the biggest P.I. firms in NY with Cellino Law… 
Ross Cellino knows exactly what it takes to build a successful law practice from the ground up. 
In this once-in-a-lifetime interview with legal marketing godfather Harlan Schillinger, Ross pulls back the curtain on his best leadership principles from his 30+ years of experience. 
Ross doesn’t do interviews like this. So this might be the ONLY chance you get to hear his insights and learn his firm-building strategies & secrets.
You’ll Also Be Learning…
How To Use Technology to NEVER Lose A Lead Again w/ Maddy Martin!

A Preview of What Maddy Martin Will Show You:

Why most law firm's intake systems can't convert leads effectively

The blueprint for how to integrate your firm's intake into your client experience process

How to create flawless intake scripts that double your conversions

Learn How To Maximize Your Marketing ROI With Technology
In today’s market, your leads will do extensive online research on your firm and then make one of the most crucial decisions for their case: call your firm.
If you don’t have the right intake systems and scripts, those leads will offer an excuse… and never call back, costing you hundreds or thousands of hard-earned marketing dollars.
This Summit will permanently change that for you.
Maddy Martin, the VP of Marketing for Smith.Ai, shows you how to seamlessly integrate technology into your firm so that you ALWAYS capture the leads that call your firm.
She’ll also be showing you the best intake scripts that have had the highest conversion rates from the hundreds of firms that Smith.Ai partners with.
Then You’ll Wrap Up The Summit With…
The [2.0] Launch Of The Most Comprehensive Marketing Strategy w/ Bill Hauser!

A Preview of What Bill Hauser Will Show You:

The frameworks & strategies that are working best in the post-Covid worldThe frameworks & strategies that are working best in the post-Covid world

A behind-the-scenes look at how the most successful law firms run their marketing

Which strategic decisions you can make NOW to prepare for 2022

Get Exclusive Access To The Relaunch of The Best-Selling Marketing Strategy EVER In The Legal Industry
With over 18 months of data and nearly a hundred law firms who’ve used these strategies, Bill Hauser is ready to unveil the [2.0] version of the most powerful legal marketing system in the world.
You’ll be getting insider access on the most powerful frameworks and strategies that you need to DOUBLE your firm’s lead flow…
Insights of how to customize it to YOUR geo, YOUR practice area, and YOUR revenue size…
Without overspending your budget or overwhelming your team. This alone is worth the price of admission…
Thousands of Elite Lawyers Have Registered For Our Summits Because They Provide Real, Step-by-Step Strategies To Dramatically Improve Your Practice.
Only Complacent Law Firm Owners Won’t Show Up. Are You Complacent?
You’re Protected By Our $180,000 Guarantee!
If at the end of the Summit you feel you haven’t gotten at least $180,000 in value… I’ll give you a 200% refund. That’s right we’ll give you DOUBLE your money back!

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