A Copyblogger Exclusive…

Why Being a Great Writer Isn’t Enough in Today’s Digital World

And the “trifecta” of skills you must learn if you want to thrive and future-proof your income.

Hi, Tim Stoddart here.

I’m Copyblogger’s CEO. A big part of our mission here is to help you do more and earn more with your writing.

This is why I want to talk to you today about how you can do exactly that.

In short, I want to help you create the lifestyle you want. The freedom you want. The flexibility to work when you want, where you want.


It’s why what I’m about to say next may come as a bit of a shock to you. Especially considering that Copyblogger is dedicated to helping you improve your craft:

It’s no longer enough to be a great writer.

Today’s fast-paced digital world demands more. Things are changing at an accelerated pace.

You see it in technology…

You see it in advances in medicine…

And you guessed it, you see it in digital marketing, too.

What worked two years ago… a year ago… or sometimes even just a few months ago… may not work now.

I mention this because most writers think that if they simply master their craft, success will follow.

Sadly, that isn’t the case.

Today’s successful writer is a hybrid of a true craftsman and a savvy businessperson.

What I call a content entrepreneur.

This means that if all you know how to do is write great content, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

What It Really Takes to Succeed

If you really want to build a successful, thriving business as a writer, you need to become more of a marketing generalist who happens to specialize in writing content.

In the bestselling book Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World, author David Epstein explains research that proves this point.

In what he calls “kind” environments, it’s great to focus on a specialization. That’s because, in a kind environment, patterns repeat over and over, and feedback is extremely accurate and typically immediate.

So if you’re trying to master chess or golf, you practice that one thing exclusively. That’s all you really need to succeed and stand out.

But in so-called “wicked” environments, the rules of the game are often unclear or incomplete.

There may or may not be obvious repetitive patterns. Feedback is often delayed, inaccurate, or both.

Specialists have a hard time in this environment, whereas generalists thrive. Generalists can draw on a broad range of experience and knowledge, giving them the edge.

There’s no doubt digital marketing is a wicked environment as defined by Epstein. The context is constantly changing, and the pace of that change is accelerating.

This means that if you plan to play in the arena of digital marketing, you need a broad range of competence and knowledge to really succeed.

Now, before I move on, I want to make it clear:

It’s still important to master your craft. Hone your writing skills as much as you can.

Just know that’s only half the success equation.

Because after all…

Excellent Content Is the “Norm”

We live in a day and age when there is PLENTY of outstanding content to consume…

Whether it’s a binge-worthy series on Netflix, a blog you keep coming back to, or a course you want to take.

Your ideal customers and clients literally have multiple lifetimes’ worth of content they can consume, right at their fingertips.

So it begs the question:

Why should an audience choose your great content over the competition?

That’s where having a broad understanding of marketing comes into play. So you know how to command attention and differentiate yourself enough that your audience chooses you.

The good news is that we’ve narrowed down this range of competence to three core areas.

It’s what I call the trifecta of core skills…

Writers with a good understanding of these three skills end up with better, higher-quality clients who are happy to pay a premium. These clients are also more likely to give you ongoing work.

As a result, you’ll boost your income substantially.

Without working more hours.

Without scrambling to find new clients all the time.

And without stressing about where the money to pay next month’s bills will come from.

And business owners who implement these three core skills find that
their business tends to grow more effortlessly. They attract bigger, higher-quality audiences who buy.

This makes growing and scaling your business far easier.

Key Skill #1 — Strategy

Let’s face it — the goal of content marketing is ultimately to make sales.

And you can’t do that if you focus only on creating great content.

Most content marketing efforts make this mistake. What are they missing?


It’s the reason why most content fails to convert as well as it should.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 41% of companies already doing content marketing have a documented strategy.

Add to that the rush to digital marketing that the pandemic has caused for companies that have been slow to switch, and a lot of people need a lot of help.

That’s a big opportunity for you as a writer.

An opportunity to get booked solid with only the kinds of clients you want to work with.

And that’s why you need to ensure you’ve got the right skills as well (not just writing).

Remember, about 60% of companies currently doing content marketing have no documented strategy, so they need way more than words.

They need someone who understands marketing and the strategy behind the content — and who can execute on creating that content at a high level.

Key Skill #2 — Traffic

If there’s one topic that bedevils content creators and digital marketers of all kinds, it’s traffic.

And although content and copy power site visits and opt-ins, it takes special expertise to get people to join an audience and eventually convert to a customer or client.

This is why it’s so crucial for you to also understand search engine optimization (SEO).

Well-placed ads can get you qualified prospects in a matter of days, but SEO is a long-term game that can eventually provide a steady stream of organic traffic.

It’s no surprise that search is more competitive than ever, and that’s why creativity plus technical skill is the key to attracting links and ranking well.

You also need to know how to read the data you’re collecting — i.e., understand analytics and conversion.

Get comfortable with the data side of things, so you can make decisions and adjust your content and your strategy.

Again — this paired with the art of good copywriting means you can convert cold traffic into leads. A highly valuable combination that pays very well.

Key Skill #3 — Audience & Technology

When it comes down to it, the audience is king, not content or traffic.

But, you still need those two to attract an engaged group of viable prospects.

Then, you’ve got to know how to grow, engage, and understand your audience… and implement smart automation that adds value both to the audience and to you (or your client).

The tools are not only very affordable but also easier to use than ever before. It takes some time to master, but your value as a result of knowing how to use them in today’s marketplace will pay you back in spades.

This includes knowing how to gather and analyze email data…

And knowing how to segment an otherwise unified audience, so you can deliver personalized content experiences that people have come to expect from dealing with companies like Amazon and Netflix.

You: A Highly Successful Content Entrepreneur

Strategy, traffic, and audience/technology.

You need skills in those three areas to transform yourself from just being a writer… to being a content entrepreneur.

Because as I’ve mentioned, content is at the core of effective digital marketing, but without the addition of all of the above, it doesn’t work.

You need a working knowledge of all three, plus a specialty in at least one of them.

As a Copyblogger reader, you’ve already got the writing part down.

But it’s important to understand what you’re writing in the context of these three key areas.

The good news is that this is all in the realm of the learnable.

You don’t need to be born a tech whiz, for example, to know how to use email automation. It’s simple to learn.

You don’t need to be a numbers geek to know how to analyze SEO traffic data.

And you don’t need to be a genius to understand how to form a good strategy.

The only problem, of course, is trying to find all the resources you’d need to gain a good understanding in each of these core areas.

You’d have to spend a lot of time and money searching, going through different courses, and piecing together the foundational knowledge base you need.

The good news is that we’ve taken the liberty of doing all of that for you… so you can start learning these three core areas immediately and start to see results in your writing, your engagement, and your sales — all in as little as 30 days.


Copyblogger Academy

Engage Your Audience, Boost Sales and Revenue, and Make More Money with Your Writing

Copyblogger Academy is the only membership of its kind. It’s where you can learn and grow as a content writer… and transform yourself into a full-fledged content entrepreneur.

Here’s how it works:

First, you get an entire training library designed to get you up to speed with the latest in strategy, traffic, and audience/technology.

Second, you continue your education each and every month via our live monthly masterclasses. This is where I bring in a top expert in the industry in one of the three areas and give you one actionable tip or insight you can use right away to see a difference in your business.

Third, you get plenty of networking opportunities in our Copyblogger Academy community. It’s also where you can ask me or anyone on the Copyblogger Academy team for help, advice, or anything else that can help speed up your journey to creating the business you want.

Now, there’s a lot to unpack here.

So let me walk you through exactly what you get as a Copyblogger Academy member.

Here’s Exactly What You Get

At the core of Copyblogger Academy is our extensive training library.

This is a series of training programs from some of the world’s best teachers, designed to help you learn and implement the best practices and strategies that are working today.

You’ll cover each of the three main areas — strategy, traffic, and audience/technology.

This training library will be constantly updated, so we’re always bringing you the most cutting-edge strategies and insights from what’s working now in digital marketing.

But before you dive into any specific area, you’ll first want to go through the preparatory training we’ve provided for you.

Creative Foundations

To become a high-paid writer and build the kind of lifestyle business that provides for you and allows you to work from anywhere in the

… you’ll want to have a solid foundation to build on.

That’s why we’re including two in-depth courses to get you started:

Productivity & Flow for Content Entrepreneurs

This course gives you a solid foundation in how to boost your creative output.

You’ll discover…

  • how to create your very own custom productivity system that allows you to get your creative work like writing DONE and put an end to procrastination…
  • the system and processes you can start implementing in your day-to-day work to increase your creative output at a quality level… (This alone can give your income a huge boost — the more you write, the more you’ll make in less time.)
  • seven surprisingly powerful and effective ways to beat stress and overwhelm as a content entrepreneur… (You’ll want to watch this one twice because it can be so easy to let deadlines stress you out!)
  • how to create content that works to achieve audience engagement, and ultimately boost sales…
  • a simple strategy for taking your content from good or “so-so” to GREAT… (This is how you start scaling and growing your business effortlessly.)
  • simple “getting started” tips for making sure the content you write from this day forward is search engine friendly, and the tools you can use to help you do exactly that…
  • and much more…

The Content Marketing Bootcamp

This five-day intensive workshop sharpens your skills and gets you “ready for battle.” You’ll get an insider’s view into how to build an audience of interested prospects who know, like, and trust you.

This will be done through giving you the in-depth techniques you can implement right away to create the kind of content that attracts traffic, builds an engaged audience, and primes them to buy.

You’ll discover…

  • how to develop your ideas into content others will care about too…
  • how the art of drafting makes you a far better writer than simply “outlining”…
  • the REAL reason you have writer’s block or trouble writing… (If you ever find yourself stuck, just DO this.)
  • a simple mindset shift that will instantly have readers bonding with you on a far deeper level and leave them wanting more…
  • the simple rule to follow to make sure your content makes a big splash, increasing the odds you’ll get comments, links, opt-ins, and more…
  • the “4 U’s” technique for creating magnetic headlines that attract readers like bees to honey…
  • how to ensure your writing isn’t dull or boring (plus 10 ways to make sure your writing is riveting every single time)…
  • how to edit and proofread your work like a pro before sending it on to a client or hitting Publish…
  • and much more…

Strategy Training

Persuasive Copywriting 101

The ultimate goal of any content strategy is one thing and one thing only:

Increase sales.

And although it’s important to know how to write great content that primes your audience to be sold…

It’s just as critical to know how to seal the deal.

That’s why in this core strategy training, you’ll learn…

  • why the idea of selling with your words can feel so uncomfortable (and what you can do to alleviate that feeling)…
  • why selling with copywriting is unlike the “traditional” sales advice you’ve probably heard… and why you should ignore it completely…
  • how to pave the way to the sale, step-by-step…
  • the two “magic” words you can use to make the entire conversation much easier…
  • what to do if your copy isn’t selling well, and a quick two-minute fix you can do to instantly boost orders…
  • when to use copywriting formulas and how to use them properly …
  • how to use your copywriting chops to significantly improve your content marketing…
  • the most important problem to solve when you’re selling a product or offer for yourself or your clients… (Hint: This will help you when selling your services to a client too!)
  • three techniques for successfully raising your prices…
  • and much more…

Traffic Training

The Five-Day SEO Workshop

Now that you’ve got the strategy, it’s time to open up the fire hose of FREE Google traffic and watch the sign-ups and sales pour in.

In this core training, you’ll learn everything you need to know about search engine optimization (SEO) and driving traffic to all your great content!

You’ll discover…

  • the fundamentals of SEO — what it is, why it works so well, and what’s changed over the years…
  • simple tools you can use to help you figure out what keywords to use for your content…
  • how to plan and research your SEO campaign and make sure it results in a flood of new visitors to your or your client’s site…
  • how to make sure all the great traffic you’re driving to your site ends up converting (i.e., turns them into buyers or at the very least, very engaged prospects!)…
  • what “search intent” is and why it’s a cornerstone of everything you’ll do with SEO…
  • how to use SEMrush to help you turbocharge your SEO and traffic efforts…
  • and much more…

Audience/Technology Training

How to Create an Automated Marketing Funnel

With the skills of strategy and traffic in hand, you’re now ready for the last part of the content entrepreneur trifecta — using technology to help connect even more deeply with your audience… so you can keep them engaged, and ultimately generate leads and sales on autopilot!

To that end, you need to learn how to build an effective marketing funnel, because it’s essential for growing any kind of digital commerce business.

This training shows you how to develop a better funnel so you can sell more to your existing customers and have those customers stick around longer.

You’ll discover…

  • what determines whether your funnel will succeed…
  • how to identify your constraints and use them to help you build a highly effective funnel…
  • what a basic lead generation funnel looks like…
  • how to expand your horizons of what a funnel is and can be…
  • exactly what you need to start building your funnel (and where to begin)…
  • how to create a landing page that grabs your ideal prospect’s attention and makes them want to join your tribe…
  • strategies for optimizing your conversion rates and getting high-quality leads into your funnel…
  • how to craft a killer funnel follow-up sequence…
  • how to “warm” your audience for the sale…
  • a simple way to craft a compelling offer…
  • and much more…

Every Month, You’ll Get a Targeted Masterclass with a Top Expert

It’s like having a live one-on-one mentorship session with some of the best folks in the industry.

This brings everything you’re learning in the core training library to life.

You’ll learn what’s working and what’s not — right now.

And every masterclass will leave you with at least one powerful and actionable tip to help you increase engagement, generate more leads and sales, boost your income, or become more productive.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend a month’s masterclass while it happens live…

We record each one and will have it ready for you on your Copyblogger Academy member page.

We’ve done a few of these already, and the “vault” is growing fast.

Here’s just a small sample:

“The Built-in Public Method to Grow Your Following and Increase Your Sales” with Kevon Cheung

You already know that building an audience is one of the key factors in growing your business.

You also know that getting those first 1,000 followers is the hardest part. So how exactly do you go from zero to 1,000?

This masterclass features Kevon Cheung, founder of Public Lab.

He shares a simple five-step strategy on how to go from zero to building a great audience.

“The Content Marketing Playbook” with Steph Smith

When you’re a content entrepreneur, it’s important to think of yourself as a brand and a business.

It’s the path to success in today’s world and in the future.

And in this masterclass, you’ll learn from Steph Smith, writer, entrepreneur, and content lead at The Hustle and Trends 

(which are two of the most popular newsletters in the world).

She’ll share what it really takes to build an audience and generate an income, all through your writing.

And most importantly, you’ll learn how to stand out among the competition by creating a “personal monopoly” via your content.

“How to Build a Six-Figure Freelance Writing Business” with Jacob McMillen

Have you ever wondered what it takes to quickly get your freelance business into the six-figure range?

If so, you’ll love this masterclass with Jacob McMillen. He owns a writing business. He also helps entrepreneurs launch and grows their companies by improving their online customer journey through clear

and focused copywriting.


You’ll learn exactly how Jacob went from $0 to $100,000 per year…

You’ll discover how to increase your fees without any resistance from your clients…

And you’ll have a very good idea of what you’ll need to do to grow and scale your business into six-figure territory.

Get the Help and Guidance You Need… When You Need It

In addition to all the training, you’ll get as part of Copyblogger Academy, you’ll get access to something potentially even more important:

A community of like-minded content entrepreneurs.

These are guys and gals who are on the same journey as you. Some might be further along. Others might be just starting out.

Either way, this is your place to network, share your wins, get the support you need when you hit an obstacle, and more.

Plus —

Whenever you have a question, reach out to me or anyone on the Copyblogger Academy team.

We’re here to help you succeed. And as a Copyblogger Academy member, you get a direct “lifeline” to us. So ask away, and let us help you get to where you want to go.

A “Master’s Level” Education in What’s Working in Digital Marketing Today

With everything you get as a Copyblogger Academy member, you’ll be able to stay up to speed, no matter how fast things change.

Even better: You’ll be prepared to spot opportunities on the horizon that can help you increase your income, grow and scale your business, boost your free time, and more.

Normally, access to this kind of training costs $2,000 or more.

In fact, you’ll find many “gurus” selling their courses for that much… and you don’t get even a fraction of the knowledge, wisdom, and insight you’ll get through Copyblogger Academy.

We’ve created this to be an evolving community that’s constantly updating and upgrading, so you can maintain an edge in the marketplace.

If a new marketing strategy comes onto the scene… you’ll know about it.

If there’s a better way to help you get high-paying clients, you’ll know about it.

If there’s a faster way to produce content that gets better engagement with your audience, you’ll know about it.

You can have peace of mind, knowing you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the industry.

More importantly, you’ll have the broad knowledge and understanding of the three key areas needed to truly thrive in today’s digital world — strategy, traffic, and audience/technology.

So, How Much?

As I mentioned, training of this caliber could easily run $2,000 or more.

And that’s per course.

Remember, with Copyblogger Academy you’re getting access to an entire training library to quickly get your skills up to speed.

You get all this:

  • Productivity & Flow for Content Entrepreneurs is where you learn how to produce more and better content, faster.
  • The Content Marketing Bootcamp gives you everything you need to write content that engages and delights your audience.
  • Persuasive Copywriting 101 walks you through the art of selling in print, so you can turn all the attention and engagement your content gets into sales.
  • The Five-Day SEO Workshop demystifies search engine optimization in a beginner-friendly way, so you can attract a flood of traffic to your website with your content.
  • How to Create an Automated Marketing Funnel gives you the keys to building a marketing “machine” that generates leads and sales for you on autopilot.

This alone is worth the price of admission — each one of these courses could sell for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Plus, the education you’ll get is second to none. You’ll be well equipped to become a highly successful content entrepreneur once you’ve gone through the material and implemented it.

You’ll also get access to a live masterclass with a top industry expert each and every month that you’re a member.

And because these masterclasses are so valuable, every single one is recorded and uploaded to your member page, where you can watch them.

The vault of masterclasses we’ve already done keeps growing, and you’ll get access to that as well. Take a look:

  • “The Built-in Public Method to Grow Your Following and Increase Your Sales” with Kevon Cheung
  • “The Content Marketing Playbook” with Steph Smith
  • “How to Build a Six-Figure Freelance Writing Business” with Jacob McMillen
  • “The Movement Persuasion Framework” with Brian Clark
  • “Content Management for the Pros” with Amanda Natividad
  • “The 7 Figure Newsletter Success Formula” with Ethan Brooks
  • And many more!


Even though we could charge $2,000 per year to be a Copyblogger Academy member…

… we won’t.

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The Time to Embrace Content Entrepreneurship Is NOW

If there’s one constant in life, it’s change. And things are changing faster today than at any other point in history.

The only way to succeed and truly thrive is to learn and adapt.

That’s what Copyblogger Academy is here to help you do. We’ll constantly be adding to it, bringing you the latest trends and teachings in the world of digital marketing.

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To your success,

Tim Stoddart
CEO, Copyblogger

October 2021

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“Improved My Writing Within Moments”

Copyblogger Academy is one of the best purchases I have made in 2020. I instantly had access to incredible content that has improved my writing within moments. Having a community that I can learn from and access to incredible teachers is valuable.”

~ Matthew Gattozzi

“A Trove of Content Marketing Resources for Writers”

Copyblogger Academy is a trove of content marketing resources for writers looking to not only expand their skills and expertise but to create better, higher-converting content for their clients. Since I started freelancing, Copyblogger has been the go-to resource for me for all things content marketing, and Copyblogger Academy takes it to a new level. If you’re on the fence about joining, I encourage you to take the plunge.”

~ Kat Ambrose

“Loving Copyblogger Academy”

Loving Copyblogger Academy and having access to the Copyblogger team, content, and community — Brian Clark’s masterclass this week, the Netflix-style course lineup, and talented content makers on the forum. Cheers!”

~ Sharyn Inzunza

“I’ve Made the Right Choice.”

“Yesterday’s first masterclass as part of my Copyblogger Academy subscription confirmed I’ve made the right choiceExcellent advice on how to target your audience and create thought leadership. The worksheets are incredibly useful too. Thanks Brian Clark, can’t wait for the next one!”

~ Evelien Al

“They’ve Taken Writing and Content Creation to Another Level”

“I’ve always been careful with the content I consume because we only have so much time in our day. Copyblogger was one of the few that’s proven to be well worth my time. And when they released Copyblogger Academy, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. They’ve taken writing and content creation to another level with Copyblogger Academy’s Masterclasses and coaching that you’d typically pay thousands of dollars for. The price is peanuts compared to what you’ll learn.”

~ Josh Hayles

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